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Fragrant Dwarf White

Orchid Tree

Bauhinia acuminata
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Bauhinia acuminata is a rarely seen true dwarf orchid tree

Rare compared with most all Bauhinia, the reasons everyone loves the acuminata include...

  • dwarf size

  • sensational orchid-like flowers which abound from spring through winter

  • extraordinary scent of the blooms

  • rare, exclusive, but easy to grow & enjoy

Flowers are complex like an orchid, about 3 inches across

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The Bauhinia acuminata flowers are a stunning bright white, but with a single golden streak on the middle petal of the 5 petals in each flower

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Few Bauhinia (the family of all orchid trees) have any scent at all ...but there is a huge exception ... the fragrance of this Bauhinia acuminata is heavenly.  A delicate and sweet perfume aroma perfectly matching this dwarf orchid tree's stature and delicacy

Flowers appear starting in spring ...then less ...then more, all months into early winter in zones 9 and 10.  Winter months leaves are deciduous to semi-deciduous

Flowers can be taken indoors to decorate your dinner table or placed in bowls or vases creating an instant tropical effect, plus, the added bonus of wonderful scent

Your acuminata will mature typically at about 8 feet, and even shorter in pots

Acuminata is excellent as a potted specimen ...enjoy on your deck or patio.  You could have this rare acuminata most anywhere potted specimens are prized

You may plant in full sun to partial shade.  Your acuminata is almost care free after establishment.  Insure good drainage and feed lightly during warm and hot months.  Blooms best with stress so pampering is not necessary

Even if you don't feed, acuminata produces flowers 5-10 months, blooming spring, summer, and maybe fall

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What is also unique is the excellent fragrance.  Not like jasmine or common perfume, but more like a rose ...the scent is feminine, subtle and persistent

  • for it's orchid flowers
  • for it's gorgeous scent
  • for it's rarity and specimen quality

Fragrant dwarf orchid flower acuminata is a specimen plant you will prize for many years

You may order your own rare Bauhinia acuminata live seedling plant ....not many on hand, sorry

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