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Ultra Exclusive Opportunity

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JOY Perfume Tree

Michelia  champaca  'alba'

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The Michelia champaca 'alba' is absolutely the most exclusive perfume tree on the planet

This is the 'alba' of JOY Perfume world fame, the world's most expensive perfume

Like the Ylang-Ylang (Chanel No.5 Perfume Tree) the ultra exclusive perfume scent was created by Nature then packaged as perfume by people

Delightfully, 'Alba' flowers produce in great quantities. On warm humid nights, the scents can easily be enjoyed several hundred feet away.   Even just driving by in your car, you will notice the scent immediately

People and every insect you can imagine are magnetically attracted to the blooms

These are flowers you don't have to "stick your nose in" as the scent exudes from the tree. Nectar insects appear frantic, driven like drug addicts, bashing into each other to get to the heart of every flower on the tree

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The orange champaca, of course, is wonderful as well, but because the orange champaka sets seed, it is considerably more available to plant and enjoy.  The 'alba' DOES NOT set seed in growing areas of Florida nor do cuttings sprout roots

The outcome is about the only way to have an 'alba' JOY perfume tree is grafted.  The 'alba' wood is grafted onto the orange JOY root stock and then, you can have your 'alba' to enjoy and with full bragging rights

The Michelia champaca 'alba' (alba in Latin = white) of course has white blooms which are extraordinarily fragrant.  It is the oil of the Michelia that is the essence of JOY, the world's most expensive perfume

But what is important for you is today, for only the second time ever, we are able to offer you as a robust live plant the incredible 'alba' variety

The 'alba' is a robust grower with large beautiful glossy green leaves.  Mature, it may reach 30-35 feet here in South Florida.  It has no pests and is evergreen.  The 'alba' is rated zone 10 but perhaps may be handled in pots, as a bonsai specimen, or in greenhouses everywhere or perhaps even in warm parts of zone 9

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The tremendous exclusivity of this famous tree is based on the fact that the 'alba' does not produce seed (at least not in the United States) .... and there are virtually no stock trees available to even attempt such propagation

The few Michelia champaca 'alba' trees we see growing in our area, Broward County, Florida, were ALL planted by either myself or my son in his landscape business.  The 'alba' is our passion

Today, you have the good fortune and opportunity to acquire the Michelia champaca 'alba' JOY Tree ...the most fragrant and most exclusive flowering tree in the world as a healthy fully rooted live plant

On hand now for you today is a small supply of full rooted trees, (see pic below) extremely tall right now with most near 30 inches in height !!!

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You likely will never see this opportunity again

Shipping will be higher due to large plant size, large box size and total weight, but well worth it for you to own your own 'alba' JOY Tree

One Michelia champaca 'alba' live plant is only $59.00 plus $22.00 shipping and handling to states EAST of the Mississippi River

or $59.00 plus $28.00 shipping and handling to states West of the Mississippi River

To order more than one tree, please order them individually ...each 'alba' will be shipped separately in its own box to you

Based on the previous offer of the 'alba' please know these trees will sell out fast

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As always, you receive complete full growing information included with your package

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