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Sugar Apple
Custard Apple
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Annona squamosa
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If you've been looking for Sugar Apple, we don't have to explain the delightful flavor of this very popular fruit tree

Small growth at 10-20 feet & can be grown in a container

Sugar Apple is probably native to Brazil, is grown widely in South and Central America and plenty of folks in South Florida zone 10 already have their own (because you can't reliably buy this fruit at any market)

The Annona squamosa variety of Annona is the best tasting.  Most folks say "luscious" to describe the taste

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Folks eat the pulp which is creamy, sweet and very tasty.  Fruit is always eaten fresh.  Drinks are made from the pulp and we have a friend who claims the Super Apple ice cream he makes is the best.  Others say "make Sugar Apple sherbet"

Bears fruits quickly, typically in 2-3 years

Tree flowers are fragrant and the fruit is fragrant too

Sugar Apple live plants with LOTS of wood on stems are ready for your right now

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There is only one very fine Sugar Apple live plant left - available to you only $24.50 plus postage and packing

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