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Bleeding Heart Vine

Clerodendrum thomsoniae
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Please don't confuse this power blooming tropical with other vines which borrow the same name, Bleeding Heart.  This excellent vine is NOT a Dicentra

Clerodendrum thomsoniae is of African origin and happy outdoors in the warm areas of the USA, zone 10 is best

However, unknown to most folks, makes an outrageous houseplant

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If you want this bloomer as a houseplant, the hanging basket approach works best to allow for stem growth to cascade.  What makes Bleeding Heart an indoor winner are masses of stunning red and white blossoms

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Clerodendrum thomsoniae is a twining vine with glossy dark leaves.  Flowers are best April through November, but can flower any/all months

Full sun is not needed.  Because Bleeding Heart Vine handles partial shade nicely and still blooms, indoor blooming can be enjoyed as well

Flowering volume is massive and virtually continuous in warm and hot months.  Takes to pruning and so can be contained at a surprisingly small size (like in pots or hanging baskets).  The "scheduled" pruning time is approximately February to prepare for new branching and new stems and the start of spring blooming

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Intense red and intense white make Bleeding Heart Vine an impressive addition to your garden or potted collection

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Plants now on hand for you are very well rooted and almost too tall.  These plants should have shipped last month

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