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Callicarpa americana

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Beautyberry is an American native and among the most satisfying plants you can enjoy.  Beautyberry  is proven a winner for all zones 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, so almost everyone reading this offer can enjoy this brilliant plant

Obviously, the name "Beautyberry" is an excellent choice for this wonderful American native shrub.  In the USA, Beautyberry is native from Massachusetts, south to Florida, and west into states like Tennessee, Missouri, Arizona and all the west coast and inland as well.  Beautyberry can and will be a delightful addition to all homes zones 6-10 nationwide

Great for low maintenance natural gardens where it contributes year round beauty and food for wildlife

Spring flowers and striking metallic shades of magenta and violet in the fall fruit make this an extremely attractive carefree landscape plant

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Outstanding beauty for you and a ideal natural food for wildlife as well These are much better names, aren't they ?

At least 10 species of birds eat Beautyberry including cardinal, mockingbird, wood thrush, woodpeckers, sparrows, bluebird and wild turkey

The fruit provides a high water content ...a blessing for birds and animals in dry times

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If you own wild land, White-tailed deer, black bear and domestic livestock consume the leaves and twigs.  Some birds & animals wait until later in winter and eat the shriveled fruit, Beautyberry raisins These are much better names, aren't they ?

Planting in broken shade is optimal.  However, Beautyberry commonly inhabits relatively open, well drained, woodlands and hammocks.  It can be small at 3-4 feet, but if very happy, 6-8 feet is possible.  The larger, the more berries

Hearty, drought tolerant, stunning appearance, cold tolerant and All-American, Beautyberry deserves your attention.  Plant for yourself AND for the wild critters

Beautyberry grows well in moist, moderately well-drained fertile soils, but also sandy soils with low to moderate fertility.   Beautyberry will grow on dry, rocky sites as well.  Best performance is in sunny spaces which yield more growth and more berries These are much better names, aren't they ?

Once established, Beautyberry is almost 100% carefree;  perhaps occasional water, perhaps some added fertilizer if you wish

Beautyberry is disease and pest free

Nice, clean foliage as well

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Beautyberry will fruit most abundantly in sun but may be grown in high shade, like tall pines.  The plant needs almost no care once its roots are established

At its northernmost range, Beautyberry's foliage will be killed back to the ground in most winters. This will not affect the flowering as the plant blooms on new growth

In warmer areas, Beautyberry may be pruned back to about 2 feet less than your desired size, then let Beautyberry's wood and leaves re-grow

The size and loose open habit of Beautyberry makes it ideal for the back of a shrub border where it may be massed in large landscapes or where it may be naturalized. Beautyberry plants bear more fruit if several are planted together

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This is such a wonderful native plant almost everyone can grow, you should plant one for America !!!

To encourage you to plant Beautyberry, this offer gives you jam-packed plant cells with 5 to 7 plants each and super bargain priced as well These are much better names, aren't they ?

Beautyberry for your home.  Beautyberry as gifts for your friends and neighbors, & the critters too

You may order one Beautyberry group for only $8.95 plus $5.50 USPS Priority Mail shipping.  Order 3, 5 or 7 plant groups and save a bundle These are much better names, aren't they ?

7 groups, $42.00 total with shipping, now sale priced at only $37.00

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one Beautyberry group

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