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Bolivian  Sunset

Gloxinia sylvatica
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WOW !!!

Very cool high color flowers on the Bolivian Sunset

 ...intense red-orange flowers plus a profusion of blooms makes this a big winner for color ...which we all love

AND, this plant works great as a houseplant

Color (flowers / blooming) in shade is not something Nature does too often ...instead, typically preferring lots of light and most often full sun to really sparkle

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but Bolivian Sunset is a wonderful exception

Not only does this sub-tropical perennial Gloxinia perform in shade can enjoy Bolivian Sunset outdoors in zones 8-11.  Even in areas with some frost, these beauties come back for you in spring

...or you can decide to use pots and delight in Bolivian Sunset as a houseplant most anywhere in the USA.  Because the plant enjoys a shaded condition, blooms indoors are possible in most homes

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You enjoy a lot of performance for many months.  Bolivian Sunset grows vigorously to 20-30 inches high and blooms start appearing in spring to early summer.  Flowering continues all season into the fall and even into winter

You provide good soil, shaded conditions and moisture and you are rewarded with great flowering in return, carefree

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The density of the foliage and flowering makes for an intense and spectacular show ...east, west, south ...even on the north side of your property ...and that's VERY unusual

Or grow your profusely flowering Bolivian Sunset indoors or plan on taking indoors after your weather looks like it's getting too cold.  This is a great houseplant with color we'll bet none of your friends are showing off

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The plants you order today are really nice and ready for your pot or straight into your landscape right now

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You will have your own Bolivian Sunset for only $12.00 plus $5.50 shipping and handling.  You might want to order 2 or 3 plants and save $$$

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