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Bottle Palm
Hyophorbe lagenicaulis
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Bottle palm has a highly appropriate name as well as a highly unique shape

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Now extremely rare in the wild (Mascarene Islands east of Madagascar) this palm is popular in Florida for it's shape and smallish size.  Where so many palms are wide or tall, the Bottle Palm is cute ...usually mature at about 10 feet tall

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Fits in most any space

The maturing shape is variable.  Although you see the basic characteristics of orange fronds and fat bottom, we have seen many variations.  Your final shape is in Nature's hands

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Bottle Palm is tough because it handles salt spray pretty well and can be used from full sun to partial shade outdoors in zone 10

Due to lack of availability, plant folks who would use this unique palm indoors don't have the opportunity to buy one.  But you can...

Great for pots too

Indoors, with warmth (basically good household air temps) and sufficient bright light and hours, Bottle Palm will be a serious show off specimen plant for you

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Above Bottle palms were seen at a recent Miami plant show offered at $450 each...most of the reason is they grow slowly

Cultivated worldwide, Bottle Palm is desired for its unique shape with its major swollen trunk.  A proper fertilization routine is all that is needed to have a happy and lovely Bottle Palm at your home

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Really nice plants are now available.  They are 2-year-olds from seed, past all youthful danger and now ready for a nice pot at your home.  Bottle Palms are a little bigger than this one

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