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Bridal Veil Vine
Madagascar Jasmine
Hawaiian Wedding Flower

Stephanotis floribunda
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Grown as a fragrant specimen plant, Stephanotis floribunda sports highly scented waxy flowers reminiscent of the tang of true jasmines

Used in wedding, bouquets, corsages, arrangements, and even adorned right on the bride, Bridal Veil vine is a potent sweet smelling long-lasting classic bloomer

As are so many great plants, this fine woody vine is from Madagascar.  Blooms start in spring then can be seen during all your summer months, and often into later fall

Flowers form in clusters.  Below are some soon to open

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Best outdoors in zone 10, position your Bridal Veil in full sun and let it climb to arch or cover

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Worldwide, Madagascar jasmine is grown in pots and trained to twine in shapes as desired

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Grow in pots anywhere.  Over winter in colder climates, protect when needed then convert to a houseplant for your ongoing winter months

Leaves of your Stephanotis floribunda are clean, shiny, leathery and very long lasting like the flowers.  The vine is woody and takes to pruning and training very easily

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With age, your vine will occasionally set seed with a avocado-shaped pod that cracks open to show winged seeds

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Easy to grow, you should consider adding Stephanotis floribunda to your collection of fragrant plants

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Really healthy Stephanotis floribunda are ready to ship to you right now.  You can then keep potted or you can plant now right into your landscape

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Never before offered here.  You may order your own rare-to-see sweetly fragrant Bridal Veil live plant for only $21.00 plus postage & packing

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