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#1 most popular plant we ever offer
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Lady of the Night

Brunfelsia americana / Brunfelsia nitida
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"To say 'fragrant' is utterly inadequate because in bloom the
air is suddenly bursting with a sweet powerful scent somewhat
like true jasmine, but also punctuated with a strong array of
additional aromas including cloves,
oriental 5-spice powder and cinnamon"

Lady of the Night is like great wine, complex and delicious

These fabulous bloomers sell out every season

#1 most popular plant we ever offer

Lady-of-the-Night is the most amazingly aromatic plant we have ever enjoyed.  The word fragrance is too weak to describe the power of its unique and unrivaled mixture of scents

This amazing perfume, however, is not the reason for its name.  What is unique is that Lady of the Night becomes aromatic ONLY after sundown

Within seconds after sundown, the aromas emerge from zero to full power. There is absolutely no bouquet nor hint of aroma in daylight hours.  The aromas stay all night long then stop exactly at sunrise

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The plant in the photo above was grown from seeds of our first Lady of the Night plant we purchased growing in a rusty Campbell's soup can in 1978. We asked the nursery owner to show us unusual plants & this was the one she suggested

Lady of the Night's complex array of scents is very satisfying. People offered a "whiff" want to smell it again and again

All conversation immediately turns to discussing its unique bouquet.  Even our family, which has enjoyed the Lady of the Night for 31 years, gets excited to smell the flowers starting every spring because no other bouquet compares

Native to the West Indies, this Brunfelsia Lady of the Night grows on thin, flexible woody stems. The leaves are dark, leathery, and evergreen.  We have never seen any pests of any type (even on the flowers) on this plant

This Brunfelsia is listed as a shrub, but really has no such appearance. It is too thin, too delicate to be seen as a common shrub

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No pruning is necessary or useful.  Moderate occasional food and moderate water is all that is required.  This Lady of the Night even handles dry soil well, but in shade or partial shade.  Flowering and bouquet do not vary with sunlight hours outdoors

Lady of the Night is very long lived.  We have some 31 years old with no signs of decline

Growing to no more than about 5 feet in South Florida, in spring and summer, the Lady of the Night flowers appear in cycles; bursts of long 3-5 inch white trumpet flowers that turn pale yellow as they age on the stem

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Flowers hold for many days and a happy specimen can show off 100's on any given evening night after night

Maximum performance is in the most humid part of summer.  The more humid the weather, the further aroma is smelled, which can easily be 100 feet away.  Also, the more humid the weather, the more blooms appear on this Lady of the Night

You can cut flower groups off the stem after sundown, take the stem indoors and perfume your whole house. You should take the cutting after dark for maximum aroma although cut during the day, flowers still burst into fragrance indoors after sundown indoors.  Visitors always say "what's that I great scent?" immediately upon entering our house.  A single stem placed in water will perfume your home for days

This Lady of the Night enjoys partial shade and wind protection. It does well on many soils but sandy soil is a proven winner.  This plant never gets pests and is a very light eater

We know this Lady of the Night as a zone 10 plant but may be OK outdoors year around in zone 9

Because Lady of the Night blooms very well in shade, Lady of the Night makes a fine houseplant with minimal care.  Indoors frequent light misting starting in spring for added humidity is recommended, but it will be happiest blooming outdoors in hot humid conditions

These rare Lady of the Night are offered as live seedling plants

For you or for that special someone, this fragrance plant is unbeatable for scent, rarity and exclusivity

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