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True Chocolate Tree

Theobroma cacao
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Theobroma cacao - The True Chocolate Tree - is an ultra premium plant for your collection, bragging rights & growing your own chocolate pods

The worldwide glory and fame of chocolate starts with the name, Theobroma cacao, which in Latin means "Food of the Gods"

  • Chocolate for taste (candy, ice cream, drinks)

  • Chocolate for the ladies (love)

  • Chocolate for health (world's most powerful antioxidant)

After many email requests for this fantastic tree, today you may order your very own Theobroma cacao true chocolate tree

  Is this the same tree the Aztecs brewed up chocolate drinks?  ...Yes

  And made the Spaniards go crazy for the taste ?  ...Yes

  Is this the tree candy makers use to make chocolate?  ...Yes

  Can I make my own chocolate at home from the seeds ?  ...Yes

Fruits start off green then turn yellow, reddish or orange

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Chocolate is a small tree, 12-20 feet tall at maturity.  The plant requires always warm tropical temperatures, wind protection, rich soil, good water and screened or shaded afternoon sun protection for its leaves

If you have...

  • a nice tree to shade your chocolate tree

  • a screened pool or screened patio area

  • or you can also have your Chocolate Tree in a pot.  Plants on hand and now shipping have been fully shade grown

For you folks who have greenhouses, the chocolate tree would be easy because you already have warmth and climate control.  Otherwise, outdoors year around, zone 10 warmth is required

Flowering is along the wood like this

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Maturing chocolate trees look like this

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New leaf growth is a pale salmon color

brand new leaf, click pic to enlarge

Yes .....that droopy leaf look you see in the
pics above is 100% natural to the species

Trees now shipping came from
these pods and seeds

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Chocolate trees now shipping look like this

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If you want this mega exclusive tree, today is your opportunity to grow your own real chocolate

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One Theobroma cacao, True Chocolate tree, $45.00 total with postage & packing included

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