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Red   Hot   Cat tail

Acalypha hispida
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In 1974 when we saw our first Chenille plant, more often called Red Hot Cat tail, we thought it was absolutely the coolest plant ever

Who can resist the look?

Chenille is a great evergreen shrub, related to both Poinsettia and the Snow-Bush.  We love both those plants too

Chenille is a vigorous plant that can grow to about 8 feet.  Most folks prune to keep their specimens the size they want in the landscape or a pot

Chenille is sooooooooo easy.  You let it grow, enjoy the color performance, cut back anytime to most any height and it vigorously re-grows back for you without complaint

The foliage is pleasant and plentiful making a nice green backdrop

But, the REAL attraction are the amazing blooms

Fuzzy, soft, cuddly, rich, bright red cat tails, which can be a whopping 18-inches long

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Chenille always attracts a great deal of attention because of these spectacular blooms.  Chenille blooms in all warm months  Planting several in a row makes a serious statement

Chenille is one of those superior shrubs you would want to plant on the front side of your home for everyone to see and enjoy

The best location for maximum blooms is with lots of sun or with afternoon shade

Not fussy for soil.  However, Chenille responds to good soil and regular feeding and watering during the warm months.  If you want a fat Red Hot Cat tail with zillions of blooms, a little care the first season will make you very happy for years to come

For outdoors all year, zone 10 is recommended for planting Chenille.  In warm zone 9, Chenille comes back in spring after a light frost

If you live in a climate colder than warm zone 9 outdoors, here's good news ....if you also think Red Hot Cat tail is a stunning plant, you can enjoy your Chenille in a pot as a houseplant anywhere in the USA

Red Hot Cattail plants offered today already have young cattails starting to appear

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We said these are "vigorous growers" so you about to enjoy many cattails just a few weeks after you get your Chenille plant at your home

Red Hot Cattail plants offered to you today are already TALL right now

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