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Jatropha multifida
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Here's a new tropical look...

A wonderful evergreen small shrub is the Coral-Plant, a very noticeably tropical styled appearance

Leaves are very large, jagged, palm-like foliage that often reach 12 inches across.  Leaves are green on top and white on the bottom

Height varies but 6-10 feet is the basic range, much smaller in pots and easy to restrain in containers.  Voted "Plant of the Month" in July 2008 by Florida Gardener.  Folks in the Netherlands often have Coral-Plant as a houseplant

Red flowers pop out at the top of stems and look like corals, hence the common name Coral-Plant

Flowering is year around ever-blooming and most especially during your warmest and hottest months

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Plant into your landscape (sunny spots are the best for max flowers) or enjoy in containers.  Planted outdoors in zones 9 and 10, in pots anywhere.  Once established, water requirements are very low, a tough plant that mixes well with other plants for a spot of tropical wherever you like

Coral-Plant is very often enjoyed in containers on your patio or poolside.  Using pots you will add instant tropical appearance anywhere you place your container

LARGE plants on hand now shipping are very tall and ready right now to be planted or put into one of your pots.  Below is a typical plant now shipping

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