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Coral Vine

Antigonon leptopus
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Ahhhhhhh, the feminine, pastel, colorful, and robust Coral Vine ...really one the sweetest and most delicate vines Nature ever created

Rated for all of zone 9 and 10 (and many reports that warmer zone 8 is OK), Coral Vine shows off at least three sweet colors;  some whites, some soft pinks and plenty of hot pink tones as well ...which all add up to what look like dainty coral hues and tones

And VERY easy to handle...

Plant in most any soil, keep roots a little moist until your plant is established and that's it ...Coral vine is a very fast grower and fine climber

To see pastel colors rambling up and over whatever you like, Coral Vine is one of the finest choices to make  ..and now is the season

Plant now for spring + summer colors

Coral vine has delicate tendrils that grab and hold.  Simply plant your Coral Vine close to what you'd like your Coral Vine to climb, your vine takes care of business, rambling up quickly all on its own

And we love the heart-shaped leaves

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The Coral Vine live plants we have for you today are ready right now to be planted at your home

With warmer weather almost everywhere now, you'll have Coral Vine flowers very soon this spring then all summer and into the fall this season

Plants now shipping look like these...

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You may order your own Coral Vine live plant for only $14.50 plus postage & packing

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