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Hybrid Desert Rose Collection
Adenium Obesum

Everyone who loves plants MUST have at least one Desert Rose

The best ones by far are the super fancy rare hybrids like those you may select below

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These are all ultra rare, almost unknown in the USA, hybrid varieties you will not see anywhere, period.  Imported from Taiwan, Thailand and China, this offer is WAY the biggest and best desert rose seeds selection anywhere

If you already have one or more desert rose plants, get ready to add to your collection now

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If you are a desert rose novice, you will enjoy serious bragging rights with these sensational bloomers in many exciting colors and shapes

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I you don't know this fantastic plant, you REALLY want to learn about Desert Rose by clicking here so you don't miss out

Regardless of your climate, you can and should make room for Desert Roses in your collection ...any climate, anywhere in the USA, enjoy warm + hot weather blooming outdoors

These seeds were imported from Taiwan, Thailand and China, freshly collected then brought here for you

Even Neiman Marcus couldn't offer any gift so rare, beautiful and satisfying

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We have already planted our share

They are coming up beautifully ...see the photo below for one tray at 10 days after seeding

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Common names below are those from Taiwan, Thailand and China (translated) so don't think we're being too funny making up some pretty wild names

Here they are
You decide what you want
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Apollo Half black and half bright red, prolific bloomer

Arctic Snow Told to us by the hybridizer to be the best white ...the grower raves about this variety

Arrogant Breathtaking strong red Desert Rose.  We agree this may be the overall best desert rose ...color, speed to flower & character

Beauty Cloud 2  Two tones with a white foundation then peach/pink "painted" within a flower within a flower

Big Chubbiness Very large bloom shows off a strong red perimeter with bright white foundation.  Loves to flower

Black Fire Rare variety.  Shocking colorization ...inner 1/3 is red, outer 2/3 is near black ...vigorous

Bosom Jade Ultra prolific bloomer yet a diminutive plant, a la bonsai in growth character

Black Warrior Deep dark red.  Each of the 5 pedals has a crease with ruffled edges thus appearing as 10 pedals

Bright Gem Somewhat like Beauty Cloud 2 but deeper tones, especially striking red bursting from the throat

Canary Bird New hybrid. No one has this variety yet.  Bright red throat with pink petals

Dance of Butterfly  Sharply pointed petals, a white foundation barely seen because each petal has 3 strong red/rose stripes from throat to tip.  Remainder of each petal has "veins" of red/rose color flaring to the edges

Dark Forest  Great name for this variety ...One of the most intense all-reds with exceptionally deep colored ruffled edges

Focus A strong white with a very prominent yellow throat then a gorgeous baby pink trim at all the edges of the petals.  Lovely

Garden of Falling Star Pointed 5-petal reddish bloomer with plenty of white highlights that vary flower to flower

Kiss Star  Extremely ruffled white petals with unusually strong mostly purple-red perimeter

Love Affairs Of Stars  Vary lily-like with semi-pointed petals, white foundation and rose streaks and blotching. The throat is extremely prominent with alternating yellow and white stripes in the flower's heart

Noble Long flowers, almost purple tips, creamy colored throat and outside blooms

Noble Concubine Grows strong, flowers strong.  A classic

Prominent Bright metallic coloring based on reds and purples

Sheer Bliss  Yellow throat, red brush-stroke like paintings on white semi-pointed pedals - new variety

Star Of Happiness  Superior offspring of Have a Dream is the Most Beautiful.  Very prolific bloomer

Star Of Luck  A lily-like style with exceptionally open flower, but long growth as well.  Edges are white and interior are pink-reds.  The throat is very open with yellow and pink colors

Star of Top  Very strong red and most plants sprout with variegated leaves, unusual foliage

Star of Yellow Dream  The only desert rose remotely showing yellow flowers, with red central streak on each petal, amazing

Star in Style These stripes form the Chinese character "Dah" which means "big and great."  Large flowers as well

Star Studded Sky In our experience, we rate this the best white variety.  Flowers with abandon, plus usually grows fat as well

Super Moonlight Ferry New version of Moonlight Ferry, much larger flowers, bold red, lovely patterned white within

Uranium  The 5 petals are so geometric that together they appear to display a single flower in the shape of a pentagon.  Edges are red with a semi streak of red half way to the very pale throat

Arabicum  Adenium arabicum (not A. obesum), essential for any serious collector, A. arabicum is known for hefty base and squat growth as well as being rare to see or own

Somalense  Adenium somalense (not A. obesum) is a large growing cousin of A. obesum, may be more rarely seen than arabicum

Here are brand new varieties just added

Double Good Very rich deep red with ruffled pointed petals

White Cream not white (remember, we don't name these flowers), better described as starts cream-yellow then fades to white-cream

Dark Emperor Very close to Black Fire coloring, but with rounded not pointed petals

White House Classy double white

Cream Orange Sweet pastel orange and cream

Lemon Pink Simply sensational

Double Santa Christmas red with white trim, pointed petals

Perfect Pink Gorgeous ruffled petals with girlish pink trim

Vanilla Ice White with bold prominent yellow throat

You receive 2 seeds per package
Prices include postage and packing

We experience about 85% germination
like the planting tray below

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As always, you receive complete care info
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Shipping Schedule

Apollo, $15.00
Arctic Snow, $17.00
Arrogant, $17.00
Beauty Cloud 2, $14.00
Big Chubbiness, $15.00
Black Fire, $20.00
Bosom Jade, $15.00
Bright Gem, $16.00
Canary Bird, $17.00
Cream Orange, $25.00
Dance of Butterfly, $15.00
Dark Forest, $15.00
Dark Emperor, $20.00
Double Good, $17.00
Double Santa, $18.00
Focus, $17.00
Garden of Falling Star, $17.00
Kiss Star, $14.00
Lemon Pink, $24.00
Love Affair of Stars, $14.00
Noble, $14.00
Noble Concubine, $15.00
Perfect Pink, $25.00
Prominent, $15.00
Sheer Bliss, $16.00
Star of Happiness, $17.00
Star of Luck, $16.00
Star of Top, $16.00
Star of Yellow Dream, $26.00
Star in Style, $14.00
Star Studded Sky, $14.00
Super Moonlight Ferry, $17.00
Uranium, $16.00
Vanilla Ice, $17.00
White Cream, $17.00
White House, $17.00
Adenium arabicum, $25.00
Adenium somalense, $28.00

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