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Hybrid Desert Rose
Ultra Collection

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Everyone who loves plants should have at least one Desert Rose ...and best to enjoy is one of these unique exclusive imported hybrids like the live plants you will see below

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Regardless of your climate, you can and should make room for Desert Roses in your collection ...any climate, anywhere in the USA, enjoy spring/summer/fall blooms outdoors

Said to live to be well over 100 years old, you will have Desert Rose in your family collection long after you've gone to the flower garden in the sky

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If you already know why you should be very eager about these exclusive plants, please read on...

Here's what's important for you to understand

We grew each of the desert roses below from seeds imported from China and Taiwan and most are 3-year-olds.  These are not cuttings.  These are NOT conventional ...all are named hybrids ...for the most part unseen and unavailable in the United States ...so have fun checking these out

If you add just one plant to your collection
this year, make it a Desert Rose

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Also, you may select very cool hybrid seeds, click here