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Acacia Dealbata

Acacia dealbata
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NEW .... Never before offered Australian beauty where "Down Under" they call this bloomer Silver Wattle

Silver Wattle Acacia dealbata is a fragrant, bold, intensely colored,  late winter + spring blooming evergreen hardwood specimen tree

The scent is rich and sweet and reminds you of violets.  Fluffy yellow ball-shaped scented flowers are rare to see in the USA

You enjoy beauty, fast growth and easy care, OK in zone 9 and 10 and warm zone 8

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The wood and the foliage are very nice as well

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Leaves are silver blue green and evergreen.  Rated in the 30 foot range, Acacia dealbata blooms late winter and early spring.  Mature trees can have some flowers most of the year

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Plus the bonus of fragrant flowers which are displayed in profuse clusters makes this Australian import a fine choice for you

Flowers are a favorite choice of florists in Australia to use in arrangements, and now you can too.  Cut some sprigs and bring indoors to enjoy the beauty and the fragrance

Plants on hand are very nice and ready to plant out right now.  Live plants look like this one

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Acacia dealbata live plants are available to you now at only $22.50 plus $6.50 postage and packing

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