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Elephant Foot Plant

Dioscorea spp.
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Nature is soooooooooo great .....she makes up the coolest plant designs ...and the Elephant Foot plant is among the most amazing

Click on the photo above of my foot resting on a Dioscorea in Miami.  The picture shows any viewer what size these Elephant Foot plants can achieve and also, how "different" they are from "normal" green, leafy (boring) plants

So what is an Elephant Foot plant?

It's in the same plant family as the common yam

Dioscorea is actually a large genus of plants, mostly of vines and succulent tubers.  The Elephant Foot plant has BOTH attributes

Grown outdoors or indoors, you can't help but amaze yourself and your friends with one of these collector plants, yet they're so easy to handle

Well, you ask, "is there any foliage to this plant?"

Yea, sure, plenty, actually

The leaves are heart-shaped, and the leaves come from a central vine-like growths ...the green growth seen below

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Here's another one we photographed in a pot

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Dormant in the winter, the Elephant Foot springs to life in spring with a very fast-growing central vining growth that can climb as much as 15-20 feet

You can either provide a support to show off the full length upright ...or twist the vine around and around decide how to show off this crazy creature

How do you grow Elephant Foot?

Warm to hot temperatures combined with bright light (or plenty of sun hours) and dry soil conditions.  Use a very porous soil and protect from ongoing rains ...totally easy eh?

Great Collector's Plant

A highly uncommon plant curiosity, a must-have collector's plant, great to amaze your friends, or for kids for Show-and-Tell at school ...Elephant Foot is well worth owning

You probably will want to plant your Elephant Foot in a pot.  Just use very loose soil with lots of drainage material at the bottom

Basically, you simply place the tuber on top of the soil.  Locate to warm sun outdoors or keep inside in a warm spot until your weather allows outdoor exposure

In a short time, the vine pops and starts growing

And, by the way, you can eat them too

Elephant Foot plants are also called "Hottentot Bread" named after a smart fellow who saved a lot of starving people in Africa by showing Elephant Foot is eatable

We can guess 98.6% no one you know has one of these amazing plants order one and maybe give one as a super surprise gift to a special plant person

These are large 3-4 year old plants

Shipping will be Monday, April 25

You may order your own very rare Elephant Foot plant

No two are alike, but they all have that funky tortoise shell look, yet in different shapes.  Here are two photos of ones that will be shipping

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