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Dragon Tree

Dracaena Draco
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Dracaena Draco is the undisputed KING of the Dracaena family, growing as tall as a tree and with loads of character in every aspect of this mighty specimen

Many legends are associated with Dragon Tree ...stories about Hercules, Atlas, and lots of "blood" stories, most of which seem to be true

Rarely seen in the USA and now, endangered in native lands like the Canary Islands

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Dragon Trees are grown in home gardens all over the Canary Islands and by hotels as a tourist attraction, due to the world fame of the Draco and of course, it's stunning character

Grown in zones 10 and 11, typically in arid areas.  In native lands, the soil is very poor and water is very limited.  With some added food and a little more consistent water, Draco grows much faster and better with human care than in the wild

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This is another Draco which is also in Fort Lauderdale, by a bridge and a commercial area

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Our first view of Draco was this tree.  This Draco is in downtown Fort Lauderdale

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...whereupon we immediately fell in love with the almost perfect umbrella canopy

Notice that spot of yellow. That is a single Draco bloom.  Below we zoom in to see the flower

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Next we got up close and saw how Nature handled branching on this Dracaena

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In a few words

This is a rare plant, very hard to find, and typically very expensive or sold very small

BUT  ...what is really wonderful today for you is the high quality of the Draco plants now shipping.  They are tall (overall most are 25 inches tall) leafy and stocky

Rare Collector's Plant

Specimen Quality Landscape Plant

Exclusive Potted Plant

  • highly prized,
  • rare,
  • extremely cool habit,
  • better and better every year,
  • easy to grow,
  • pest free,
  • and highly exclusive should seriously consider the Draco for your plant collection

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