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Desert Fan Palm
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Washingtonia filifera
photo courtesy of Lee
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In our western states, that "really big palm" you have seen is the Washingtonia filifera, the Desert Fan Palm.  Especially bold and fat specimens of the filifera are seen at Las Vegas casinos

Folks hankering to have the "big and bold" look of the Bismarckia Palm (below)...

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...but are out of the climate zone, the filifera is your answer

Washingtonia filifera is known to handle down to 15 degrees and come back with no problems.  So you folks in zone 10, 9 and also zone 8 can now enjoy the Desert Fan Palm.  Heat?  No problem.  Your Desert Fan Palm handles temperatures over 125 degrees

Please don't confuse the filifera for the commonly seen Washingtonia 'robusta' (zillions in Florida) which is very thin compared with the stately filifera below

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Desert Fan Palm is evergreen, wants full sun and is not fussy for soils or water.  The filifera is known to handle pH as high as 9.0 and do fine.  Best specimens have the stout trunk as well as being tall.  Mature height can reach 50-60 feet and the trunk circumference can be near 15 feet

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Grows fast too.  Expect 15-20 feet in 10 years

Bold. Majestic.  Handles cold.  Handles heat.  Grows in zone 8, 9 and 10 ...what a list !!!

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For a year or two you'll want to use a pot to handle your filifera like this picture

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After your palms get up to two feet or so, plant them out into your landscape

We have little ones for you today, just a few inches tall, but we're going to make you a deal that will make you very happy...

You get your own Desert Fan Palm for only $17.50 total with postage and packing or order 3 for $55.00 total

No more excuses.  You will have a great palm group and get started at bargain prices

As always, complete planting and care instructions will be included in your package

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