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Golden Rain Tree
or Flame Gold

Koelreuteria elegans
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Native to Pacific islands like Taiwan, Japan, Fiji and others, here for you today is a fragrant evergreen "two-toned" blooming shade tree commonly called Golden Rain Tree in Florida

Growing quickly in the 25-40 foot range, this evergreen is a great shade tree with two colors to show off

The first color is the delicate fragrant yellow flowers that appear in spring and summer

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Hardy and fast growing, Golden Rain Tree is also considerably drought tolerant.  Golden Rain Tree grows from zone 9b to zone 11 so many folks can have this very showy blooming shade tree

Enjoyed for its fragrant delicate blooms and for a fallen carpet of yellow color.  Also, the delicate leaflets provide broken shifting shade year around so you can grow a vast variety of plants under the Gold Rain Tree canopy

Then, starting in the fall, your Golden Train Tree sports "fruits" called commonly Chinese Lanterns.  These papery husks are held above the green foliage and retain their pink-red color for many months

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The "lanterns" are really great to see and enjoy and folks also use them dry in arrangements.  The lanterns persist on the tree and are very showy

So, with showy yellow AND red colors, that's why many folks call this tree Flame Gold

Golden Rain Tree plants you may order today are very nice, quite leafy and are starting to branch.  Here is an example pic of what is shipping

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You may order your own Golden Rain Tree for only $12.00 plus $5.50 shipping and handling ...order 2 or 3 and save $$$

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