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Indian Blanket, Fire-wheel
Seaside Daisy, Blanket Flower

Gaillardia pulchella
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The first time we saw this stunning wildflower was roadside traveling by car in Florida in 1973.  Screeching brakes and smoking tires stopped the car so we could get a close-up view of the glorious reds and yellows of this bloomer

Not only is (1) Fire-wheel (2) Indian Blanket (3) Seaside Daisy (4) Blanket Flower native to Florida, this color-packed heavy bloomer is native to dozens of USA states and is the state wildflower of several states as well

Indian Blanket is an annual in almost every state, including zones 5 and 6, and is perennial in zones 7, 8, 9 and 10.  You can enjoy this intensive flower almost anywhere in the United States.  It is extremely drought tolerant and will even grow in desert states

Here's Indian Blanket with Florida native Beach Sunflowers

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You probably already notice there are color variations.  Some flowers are more red, others more yellow.  The reason is climate and soil. You see brilliant, daisy-like flowers with single, double, and semi double forms

The large centers of the flowers are rose-purple and the dense, frilly petals are yellow, orange, crimson or copper scarlet. Indian Blanket flowers are 2-3 inches across with 18"-36" light green stems with slightly wavy leaves

Indian Blanket is also very happy in poor soil, even beach sand as Indian Blanket is extremely salt tolerant as well.  Almost any soil is just fine except wet clay

This extremely hardy wildflower blooms profusely.  Great for cutting. 'Lollipops' will last for about a week when cut and placed in water. Lovely as borders and bedding plants

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Great in carefree pots as well

Indian Blanket is at its best in hot sunny areas

Perennial states zones 7 through 10 need do nothing to propagate Indian Blanket as either the plant will come through the winter or the seeds will sow themselves and re-sprout in spring.  Colder zones can either protect roots from freezing or collect seeds to sow in spring.  In seed, Indian Blanket looks like this...

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Seeds sprout in about 8 days

Of course, seeds are one thing and live plants are another.  To get started with Indian Blanket at your home, the live plants we offer you today are very easy and a sure thing

The Indian Blanket plants you can order are jam-packed with 5-10 plants per cell and you can divide them

No food needed unless you want to.  A little water to establish and you are then forever blessed with this gorgeous native American wildflower on your land

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You may order one Indian Blanket group today These are much better names, aren't they ?

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