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Philodendron Giganteum

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As plant lovers, we think all species are great, but .........well .........THE BIG STUFF always holds an especially strong attraction

Talking BIG, Philodendron Giganteum is a top contender for BIGGEST

What's also really great about Philodendron Giganteum is this plant is VERY EASY to grow indoors (or outside if you're in zone 10)

Most folks who want to show off this mega leaf cool plant will have the plant indoors in your home or office

Requirements are sooooooooo easy, this Philodendron doesn't need any direct sunlight so there's no "what window" problem at all Smile

Of course, a bright East window will grow a larger plant faster, but we've had our Giganteum on top of a book shelf that never gets direct sunlight for about a year

Here he is...

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Notice the size range of the leaves.  Notice that one leaf is the biggest and other leaves are sort of "stepped down" one notch (one size) until you finally see small leaves

And .....your Philodendron Giganteum will eventually start showing off one of the coolest, sexist spaths ...check this out

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Bold Red spath with intense white ...surrounded by big leaves they had to name GIGANTEUM = one of the coolest houseplants you could possibly own, enjoy & show off Smile

The Philodendron Giganteum plants we have for you today are very nice starter plants for this species.  Most have 3 good leaves that are sizing up right now

Below we show two pics of the plants shipping along with our personal one-year-old (in the middle) so you know what to expect in growth

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One of the coolest houseplants you could ever imagine showing off, Philodendron Giganteum is serious foliage

The three pictures above were taken in 2005.  The plants now shipping are MUCH LARGER each with about 3 leaves like the picture below

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You may order your own Philodendron Giganteum live plant for $18.50 plus $6.50 shipping and handling Smile

As always, complete planting and care instructions will be included in your package

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