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"Big Red"

Ixora Maui
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Folks who visit Florida fall in love with one of our best flowering shrubs that are named Ixora

There are about 400 species worldwide.  Many varieties are extremely popular because outdoors Ixora blooms all year long.  Maximum flowering and beauty is from spring through the early winter months, peaking in the hot months

Our vote for the "Most Red" is the Ixora Maui "Big Red"

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Ixora Maui is a power bloomer.  With decent treatment, leaves are hard to see for all the flowers that bloom on and on.  Flower clusters bloom en mass and before there can be a "dent" in the color display, other clusters form and bloom strong quantity as well as in strong color, serious RED

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If you love the BIG RED look and have wanted an Ixora potted at your home, now is your chance.  Easy in pots, Ixora just needs decent fertilizer, moderate watering and full sun to partial shade

Quick to bloom, even young plants perform

Nice Ixora Maui plants are now available for you

Few are available but they are nice plants and will bloom like this one very soon...

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BIG RED Ixora Maui live plants are offered at only $14.50 plus postage & packing.  Not many are available

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3 Ixora Maui live plants $49.00 total with postage & packing included

One Ixora Maui live plant $24.00 total with postage & packing included

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