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Ixora odorata

Ixora odorata
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The ONLY truly fragrant Ixora...

You probably have never seen nor never heard of this sweetly fragrant variety of Ixora, the famous Ixora odorata native to our favorite plant place in the world, Madagascar

All Ixora are known for flowers/color

However, Ixora odorata has HUGE FLOWERS, frequently clustered in the 8-10 inch range and, as the Latin name implies, a marvelous fragrance to boot

Flower head Opening Bloom
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Known as an understory plant, one that grows happily under the shade of taller plants like trees.  Plants usually grow to about 4-5 feet at maturity outdoors

Because odorata is shade-loving means odorata is also suitable for indoor culture as your most rare & wonderful houseplant

Outdoors, nice potted and located on your porch or in your back yard sitting area (so you can better enjoy the fragrance)

Flowers are creamy white but can have yellow accents

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For outdoors year around, Ixora odorata is a zone 10 tropical.  However, even here in Florida, most folks pot their Ixora odorata so they can enjoy the flowers and fragrance wherever they wish

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Ixora odorata is a rare plant

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If you like the idea of a rare fragrant blooming Ixora in your collection, we have a few on hand, nice plants that would like more space, and several are already blooming

Now shipping, plants are similar to this one...

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Rare Ixora odorata live plants are offered at only $33.00 plus postage & packing.  Only 30 available

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