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30 years ago, the first time we saw Jaboticaba fruit ...well, we were somewhat breathless

BIG, FAT, JUICY purple grape-like round globes GROWING ON THE WOOD of the plant

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Jaboticaba rated is a shrub or small tree, and fruit is always borne on wood; all over the the trunk and with age, fruit on the branches.  We saw one 40-year-old tree here in Fort Lauderdale that had to have 100,000 ripe fruit all available for picking ...if you kept climbing

left pic with fruit, right photo, no fruit
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Native mainly to Brazil, Jaboticaba is found growing in many South and Central American countries and for a 100 years has been highly prized in states like Florida and California

Pronounce Ja bot a ca ba

Jaboticaba shows off some of the coolest flowers in the fruit world.  The white flowers emerge dramatically from the trunks, limbs and branches

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Rated zone 9-10, Jaboticaba is very rare to see, but deserves vastly more plantings.  Adolescent plants bear once a year, usually around January in South Florida, but as Jaboticaba matures, fruiting comes on multiple times a year

OLD trees may bear 7 times a year

Plant your Jaboticaba in full sun or with afternoon shade.  A good rich soil with good drainage is all that is required

Folks in cooler climate zones may easily enjoy Jaboticaba in pots

Wildly fashionable, Jaboticaba is one of Japan's most popular bonsai plants

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In pots, as bonsai or outdoors, Jaboticaba is a fabulous fruit and a very exclusive show-off plant when fruiting and flowering

Eat Jaboticaba just like a grape.  There are a few soft grape-like seeds and boys eat fruits whole;  the gals spit out the seeds

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Sweet and juicy and rare, Jaboticaba is a plant you'll enjoy more and more every year

The Jaboticaba plants you may order are gorgeous, fluffy, leafy, with plenty of wood and branches now.  Most are around 15-18 inches tall and in one gallon pots

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You may order your own rare Jaboticaba as a live plant in a one-gallon pot for only $42.00 plus $12.00 (large box) shipping and handling 

Only 20 are available so please order quickly

As always, complete planting and care instructions will be included in your package

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One Jaboticaba live plant in one-gallon pot $54.00 total with shipping included

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