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Jade Vine
Philippine Jade Vine
Emerald Creeper
(in Philippine Tagalog language)
Strongylodon macrobotrys

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What should we say about the Jade Vine?

Let's start with...

  • Extremely rare

  • Unmistakably world-class exotic

  • Spectacular in appearance

  • Amazing in color

  • No other plant world-wide to compare with

For you folks on this plant email list, the Jade Vine from the Philippines is among the most sought after and requested plants .....period

Is it the utterly fantastic 3-foot-long blooms?

Is it the color unique it seems no two photographs ever capture the same hues twice?

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For five years we have tried and tried to get a few Jade vines to offer...always disappointed.  Now, finally, we have a small supply of this ultra rare exotic for you

In cultivation, Jade vine is at its best in zone 10, in full sun but with sun protection for the roots.  The Jade vine is a twining vine that grows on woody stems (see pic below) and is a climbing plant

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The pendulous festoons of blue green blossoms are the most spectacular when viewed from below

No other vine has blooms remotely as spectacular

Rarely seen in cultivation, the aquamarine color of the Jade vine's flowers is nearly unique in the entire plant kingdom worldwide. Seen hanging amidst other foliage, the flowers are practically luminescent

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Today, you may order your own Jade vine but please act quickly as we only secured a few plants ...and never before had any to sell in the past five years ...orders filled strictly first-come-first-served

Plants are husky in 4-inch pots and ready for you now.  One Jade vine plant, super bargain priced at only $44.50 plus postage and packing

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As always, complete planting and care instructions will be included in your package

One seedling Jade Vine plant, Strongylodon macrobotrys, $53.00 total with shipping

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please order separately

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