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Rarely Seen
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Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia reginae 'Juncea'
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What most folks don't know is there are THREE varieties of the famous Bird of Paradise plants.  All 3 are enjoyed as landscape plants as well as admired potted houseplants worldwide

First, you are probably thinking of the very tropical looking orange Bird of Paradise, Strelitzia reginae

Strelitzia reginae
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After that, you for sure are thinking the (Big Daddy) White Bird of Paradise, Strelitzia nicolai

Strelitzia nicolai
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Ahhhhh, but there is a 3rd Bird of Paradise, The Strelitzia reginae 'Juncea' from South Africa

The 'Juncea' is (more) beautiful and fun in several ways.  First, it's very rare to see planted in the landscape plant people like you want one right off the bat foe the exclusivity alone

Second, 'Juncea' is unique for its foliage.  Unlike the broad leaves of the conventional orange and white birds, the 'Juncea' grows very unusual upright spear-like / reed-like leaves

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On maturing plants, these leaves arise from the soil line and always stay reed-like, never opening

Someone seeing your 'Juncea' will be confused.  Folks will recognize the flower because 'Juncea' blooms are very similar to the orange bird ...but those LEAVES will make heads scratch  ...that's where you step to announce "Ahhhh, that's the 'Juncea' from South Africa"

The third reason is you get the powerful bloom performance as the orange bird.  And we feel the 'Juncea' is better because the foliage does not interfere with viewing the masses of flowers

In Japan, plant people there are WILD for the 'Juncea' where gardeners delight in pot culture for this very special rarely seen bird of paradise

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The elegant "reeds" show off a plant style much admired, so you can keep your 'Juncea' potted as well.  Once yours starts to bloom, expect some flowers year around outdoors in zones 9-10.  Most flowering is early spring through mid winter

A smallish supply is now available for you as live plants.  These 'Juncea' will ship ASAP and we'll plant the rest for future landscapes.  They'll be very popular as 'Juncea' is VERY hard to find in Florida

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You may have your own Bird of Paradise Strelitzia reginae 'Juncea' as pictured above for $23.50 plus $7.50 postage & packing

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