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Donkey Ears

Giant Kalanchoe
Mule Ears

Kalanchoe Gastonis bonnieri
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Folks who appreciate succulent plants drool over owning a Donkey Ear of their own, the genuine Kalanchoe Gastonis bonnieri from Madagascar

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This succulent seems to be everyone's favorite

  • for its unique leaves,

  • the way new baby plants form,

  • for the big and bold flower stems,

  • for the blooms,

  • for the hummingbirds which love the flowers

First, lets look at the leaves

They're light green / gray-white when young/new

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As Donkey Ears grows, the leaves become more prominent and bold in size

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The "ears" can become 12+ inches long and a deeper green with more prominent "mule" spots

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You should have been able to order your own Mule Ears here in 2005 and plans were for 2004 as well, but then, we had all those hurricanes here in Florida

Only two plants survived

Baby plants were again taken from the leaf tips

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Planted in your landscape, those baby plants at the leaf tips would root into your soil and automatically make new separate plants

Sometimes the baby plants just fall off and you can re-plant elsewhere or into pots like we do here

Otherwise, you can remove baby plants at some reasonable size and re-pot or plant out

After about a year, the mother plant Donkey Ears suddenly sends up a shoot that can easily grow to 2-feet tall

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At the tip of the shoot, flower buds begin to form

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Here in Fort Lauderdale this process of sending up a shoot and developing flower buds takes several months makes us crazy waiting to see how tall the flower head will rise

After all that, the flowers begin to open

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Very cool, eh?

Hummingbirds show up to take a drink

You can grow your own Donkey Ear plant outdoors if you keep it frost free ...plant into your landscape as a low-rise specimen plant, from full sun to partial shade (some shade is best for leaf coloring)

You can grow your Donkey Ear in a pot like we do.  Here's one we gave a BIG POT and fed aggressively...

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Then bloomed into the major show off plant below

click pic to enlarge's very easy placed outdoors or in any bright window indoors during cold months ...minimal water, a little pellet food, that's it

A few very nice plants are available for you right now

Get your own Donkey Ears and have fun

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Today, you may order your own Donkey Ear live plant

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