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True KONA Coffee

Coffea arabica

One of the most coveted and expensive coffees in the world is the famous Kona coffee from Hawaii

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We managed to get some seeds this spring and have been shade growing Kona coffee plants for you.  If you are interested in growing your own Kona coffee tree, we have a very few on hand

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Properly grown, coffee trees are shade grown (like the ones growing here now) but may also be grown in plenty of sun

Coffee aficionados say Kona MUST be shade grown to develop the rich, medium bodied and slightly acidic coffee with the well known heady aroma ...with Kona's distinctive spicy, wine-like taste (priced near $80 per lb.)

For you, that means these Kona plants can be houseplants if you wish.  If you want to harvest Kona coffee beans, outdoors in sun or shade is required.  Best year around temperatures would be between 65 and 90 degrees

Coffee trees are smallish and so can easily be container grown grown

Kona plants on hand are very few and look like these

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You may order  your own exclusive Kona coffee live plant for only $32.00 with postage & packing included

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