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Lakeview Jasmine

Murraya paniculata 'Lakeview'
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It's hard to choose, but among our top most favorite small trees (dwarf rated 10-12 feet at maturity) is the Lakeview Jasmine

You see by the photo above it's intense blooming but what you don't know is the scent is sooooooo close to the orange blossom, blindfolded you'd be totally fooled.  In fact, we feel strongly the scent is superior to orange blossom flowers

The first time we ever saw a fully bloomed Lakeview Jasmine was about 15 years ago at a grower's nursery.  We had no camera

...what we saw a professionally pruned umbrella shaped 14-foot 25-year-old tree with zillions of flowers.  So many flowers, we saw no green leaves.  In fact, as we drove into the nursery and BEFORE we saw any plants, we smelled the glory of this specimen Lakeview Jasmine

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In the Florida landscape, both Orange Jasmine and Lakeview Jasmine are 99% of the time used as hedge plants ....but, a few wise folks have taken the time to cultivate a Lakeview Jasmine as a fabulous small tree

Evergreen and blooming on-and-off all year around, nothing could be finer than this high performance dwarf bloomer

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We managed to get a few Lakeview Jasmine plants in 4-inch pots already pruned (starting phases) to be a "standard" which means to train into tree form (versus shrub).  Since they came in, we have added to pruning to encourage tree-form growth

Looks a little spindly, but that's because we're encouraging tree-form over branch growth at this stage via pruning

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If you'd like to work with this plant, plan on using a 3-gallon or 5-gallon sized pot and plan on continuing to prune for shape over time.  At some point you will up-pot again or plant into your landscape.  Warm zone 9 or all of zone 10 outdoors is OK.  Indoors, you decide

You may order this Lakeview Jasmine "Standard" as a healthy live plant for only $32.00 plus $7.50 postage and packing

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One Lakeview Jasmine "Standard" $39.50 total with postage and packing

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