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Red Sealing Wax Palm
Lipstick Palm

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Crytostachys lakka
or Crytostachys renda

Zone 10 or Houseplant

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Isn't that intense red color amazing?  A true red palm and the ONLY true red palm in the world

The name Red Sealing Wax Palm comes from traditional Chinese sealing wax which is a very similar red color

This palm is also often called Lipstick Palm

Red Sealing Wax Palm is simply the most exclusive palm you could ever own

It is so exclusive (rare and expensive) that even we have never owned our own until now

Lipstick Palm is very rare because:  the seeds are very slow to germinate, sometimes up to one year and only a fraction germinate.   ONLY completely fresh seeds will sprout ...and getting fresh seeds is nearly impossible

Prices, therefore, are understandably high for these extremely exclusive plants.  For example, in this photo, my son Greg is standing next to a Red Sealing Wax Palm offered for sale for $1,000 at a palm show here in Fort Lauderdale.  Bottom line, the grower is asking about $100 per foot for Red Sealing Wax Palm

Most folks agree Red Sealing Wax Palm is the most beautiful palm in the world

Native to Southeast Asia, Australia and the East Indies.  Happy older Lipstick Palms can be quite an impressive sight.  It's natural habitats are lowland coastal swamps.  Young plants have green stems then progressively turn red with age

Here is a photo courtesy and copyright 1998, by Geoff Stein; taken at Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens, Thailand

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The above pic shows Lipstick Palm is clump growing and is extraordinarily impressive


Plant in light shade to full sun outdoors in Florida and all other zone 10-11 climates.  Lipstick Palm demands rich, moist, loamy soils.  It is not tolerant of cold, drought or wind.  It has no major pests or disease problems


If you want your Lipstick Palm indoors, you need to provide plenty of warmth, good humidity and bright light hours as much as possible.  The more hours of light and/or sun, the more red your Lipstick Palm will become

For the first time ever, live plants are offered to you for Red Sealing Wax Palm.  Plants are growing nicely and are near one year old

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As pictured above, most plant pots now shipping contain two Red Sealing Wax plants, some three plants per pot

Order one pot of Lipstick Palms for only $34.00 plus $6.00 postage and packing.  Or get two or three Lipstick Palms and save $$$

Due to exclusivity and attractive prices, we expect these Lipstick Palms to sell out very quickly so, if you want one, please order now

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As always, you receive complete growing information included with your package

3 pots of Lipstick Palms (usually 2 or 3 plants per pot), $95.00 total with postage and packing included
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2 pots of Lipstick Palms (usually 2 or 3 plants per pot), $70.00 total with postage and packing included Sold Out
One pot of Lipstick Palms (usually 2 or 3 plants per pot), $40.00 total with postage and packing included Sold Out

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