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Madagascar Palm
Sells Out Every Year

Madagascar Palm in Bloom
Pachypodium lamerei
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One the coolest plants we know is the extremely popular Madagascar Palm, Pachypodium lamerei

Loaded with features, we love this plant...

  1. large fragrant flowers
  2. extremely easy to grow
  3. very fast grower with almost no care
  4. gorgeous white blooms in abundance
  5. unique look, specimen quality
  6. happy in hot weather with humidity
  7. or excellent in dry colder climates in zones 8, 9 or 10, even indoors over winter

This Madagascar Palm is perfect in all these situations plus it is specimen quality --- you will be the only one you know who has this special plant

Native to Southern Madagascar, Africa, Pachypodium lamerei is not really a palm - it just looks like one.  By being a Pachypodium it is in the cactus and succulent category which are the easiest plants of all to grow - decent food and minimal water is all this plant needs

If you haven't looked at the main photo, please click here now and marvel at the wide head and voluminous flowers - blooms that smell sweet and delicate ...and that's me in the pic

Fragrant flowers is very unusual for cactus-style plants

This variety is unique in its form of growth.  Other types of lamerei are far less desirable because they do not branch nor do conventional lamerei bloom like this one - vigorous, fragrant and showy

We have to tell you we also love the appearance of the "bloated trunk" of the Madagascar Palm.  Yes, it has needles, but the unique look of the fat trunk of this variety is just so cool ...enlarge pic below

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Seed pods from this Madagascar Palm are an attraction all by themselves.  These are very cool HUGE pods nearly a foot long.  Check out these "cucumbers" on our personal lamerei below

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The green seed pod grows and grows, then suddenly bursts spraying seeds everywhere

Madagascar Palm also can be easily potted and held in a container in total happiness for many years

However, many of you will want this tree planted right in your landscape to provide the bold focus this specimen plant so readily provides

For you folks in colder climates, being a houseplant for winter is easy.  Just keep the watering very light then position outside in spring and summer

Madagascar Palm is...
Bold, Beautiful, Fragrant with Great Blooms

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Plants we have for you today are in super short supply

Madagascar Palm has sold out 3 times in 2005, but we got a few (really big ones) in just now so you can order for Christmas ...if they last

Get your own Madagascar Palm (most are like the one shown below) for only $29.00 plus $7.00 postage and packing

...only a very few of these big boys are on hand

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They're about 8-10 inches right now

Also, they're so robust, they need to up-potted.  Below pic shows the roots are coming out the bottom of this green 4-inch nursery pot

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A nice price for these hulking specimens plus you know you have the true authentic "lamerei" and not some other small-growing non-fragrant sub-species

Great Gift

As always, complete planting and care instructions will be included in your package

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One Madagascar Palm live plant, only $36.00 total with all packing and postage

Sold Out

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