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Malaysian Orchid

Medinilla myriantha
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Among the most exciting plants in the world are the Medinilla native to the Philippines

With tropical foliage and stunning flowering clusters of pink abandon, the Medinilla myriantha is a show stopper, suitable for zone 10 outdoors, but surprisingly easy as a houseplant, anywhere

Semi-epiphytic in the wild (similar in nature to air plants such as orchids, staghorn ferns and bromeliads), the Medinilla myriantha will SHOCK you and your friends with dazzling bloom performance

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Outdoors in shaded conditions with moist soil, your Medinilla myriantha will thrive growing lush tropical foliage and cluster after cluster of orchid-like pink blooms

After blooming baby pink, the flowers turn a deeper pink, then magenta and finally finish dark red like sweet ripe cherries

Indoors, bright light, but no direct sun except morning sun is the ticket to success

Provide indoor warmth, and you will enjoy blooming performance indoors starting approximately November with flowers lasting until fall when "berries" are at their peak

Older plants bloom several times a year.  You can enjoy flower clusters and berries up to 12 months a year when your very Medinilla is happy

Outdoors, no frost is allowed, but cold weather to near freezing is tolerated

In pots, folks marvel at Medinilla myriantha in many climate zones with protection on hazardous nights from wind and cold (take inside)

Medinilla myriantha performs extremely well in shaded areas, in pots & can even be used in hanging basket arrangements because the bloom clusters droop when in flower ...for that cascading look

Foliage is great as well;  a rich, shiny green

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Want to please yourself with a truly exotic plant no one has?  How about dazzling your friends?  Medinilla myriantha is a plant for you outdoors in pots with protection or as a houseplant anywhere

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Medinilla myriantha, Malaysian Orchid, is offered as a live plant, already 5-7 inches tall and ready for a fine pot or outdoors in shade in zone 10 or warmer

You may order one Malaysian Orchid for only $14.00 plus $5.50 shipping.  Buy three for only $34.00 total and you save $$$ plenty

As always, instructions will be included in your order

Orders in before 6 AM Monday ship Monday

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