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Neem Tree
The Most Renowned
Tree in the World

Azadirachta indica
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Some of the common names for the world famous Neem tree immediately tell you this plant is an ultra important powerful healer

Common names include...

   Healer of All Ailments Tree
     Panacea For All Diseases Tree
       Village Pharmacy Tree
         Divine Tree
           Heal All

Research has suggested medicinal applications for the Neem tree including AIDS, cancer, diabetes and ulcers

Known powers of the Neem Tree include being a proven antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer and anti-bacterial

In native India "cures" are claimed for such diverse maladies as bed bugs, mouth and teeth maintenance, malaria.  Modern uses include shampoos, creams, skin care...and many more

Neem is a fast growing evergreen shade tree, well suited to warm zone 9 and all of 10, otherwise grow potted for freeze protection nights.  Drought tolerant and pest free, height may reach 40 feet or so.  Neem Tree also sports lovely fragrant flowers

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Leaves are also eaten ...we assume for internal medical properties

You may interested in the medicinal properties of the Neem, but our preference is for pest protection and avoidance properties

For example, in India, a bed of leaves and branches are lain down in grain silos. On top of the leaves are placed 4-5 feet of grain.  Next, more Neem Tree, then more grain, etc all the way to the top.  Testimony is that NO PESTS bother the grain, totally repelled by the Neem

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In 2006 we spoke with a lady who had 6 Neem Trees in her yard at about 25 feet apart along her backyard fence.  Her claim was that since reaching about 6 feet tall, she has seen no mosquitoes and no flies.  Upon our visit, we can say no bad bugs were seen

Repellant power is the key attribute of Neem in the landscape.  We have read Neem Tree repels over 200 pest insect types while being friendly for bees, butterflies and birds

Neem located nearby may even repel bugs like aphids, mealy bugs and spider mites from your sensitive plants

Fine seedling Neem trees are available to you now

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