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African Wattle

Peltophorum africanum
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Here's a fine tree ...cousin to Royal Poinciana ...a strong yellow bloomer ...tough and reliable in growth and flowers

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You can see by the common name and Latin name, this flowering shade tree is from Africa.  Height typically will be 17-22 feet.  The crown is nicely rounded

Folks who have wanted to plant the regular Yellow Poinciana should instead consider African Wattle ...easier and more showy...

Flowers are seen profusely in 7-inch clusters

Bright yellow flowers with crinkled petals are shown in dense sprays

Flowers smell quite sweet

Blooms your warm and hot months

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African Wattle is totally comfortable in zones 9 and 10 ...also likely to be OK in warm zone 8 after 2-3 years of frost protection when young. Tolerates moderate frost thereafter.  Tough, drought resistant, and fast growing, African Wattle is one of the easiest flowering shade trees you could consider.  Also, roots are not an issue

Even the seeds are colorful and attractive

African Wattle live plants now on hand are really nice.  Plants are sturdy, already woody, and look like this one...

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This fine flowering shade tree is available to you as a fine seedling plant, now shipping

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