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Pink Dwarf Poinciana

Caesalpinia pulcherrima 'Rosea'
Poinciana pulcherrima
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This rare dwarf bloomer is a serious WOW tree

Rarely seen PINK dwarf Poinciana is a real collector's plant.  Now you may enthusiastically show off your dwarf specimen bloomer .  Gorgeous flowers held beautifully by a sweet dwarf tree, this "Poinciana" pulcherrima is a winner quite an exclusive plant

The leaves are similar to it's world famous "Big Brother" Royal Poinciana...

Same lacy habit.  Same "broken shade" canopy ...great for growing plants underneath

A delightful true dwarf approximately 10 feet at maturity

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...and so this dwarf is very easy to display in a nice pot on your patio or deck.  With a little pruning, you could even have a smaller specimen if that's what you want

Fast to bloom  ...typically this PINK dwarf Poinciana blooms as soon as the 2nd year

Blooms are seen during all warm months in zones 9 and 10 and in summer months in northern climates (with indoor over-winter protection)

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Each flower is about 11/2 inches across and show off in groups of five.  The stamens have colored filaments with anthers at the tips ...very sweet look

This PINK dwarf Poinciana plant is very easy.  Your plant will establish easily and quickly and thereafter require little water and only moderate food quite an exclusive plant

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Full sun makes for maximum blooming, but partial shade is OK as well

Plant in your landscape.  Enjoy in pots anywhere

PINK dwarf Poinciana plants now shipping look like this one...

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