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Philodendron gloriosum
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Anytime a plant ends up getting named with a superlative word like 'GLORIOSUM' we get excited to see what the fuss is about

And so true to form here today for you is a fine, bold Philodendron named gloriosum doubt because of its superb leaf shape & colors

Leaf color and leaf shape is what Philodendrons are all about

...Philodendrons are Nature's top-of-the-line for ornamental foliage.  And as you can see in the picture, the gloriosum sports intense discolor leaves with dramatic silver-white veins

The gloriosum is from the jungles of Ecuador

Jungle plants are native to warm conditions with plenty of shade (from high tree foliage above) so indoors in pots the gloriosum is perfect.  You folks in zone 10 can have gloriosum outdoors in shade, in pots or planted into your landscape

And this Philodendron is  E A S Y  to handle

You just plant gloriosum in a rich organic soil mix, keep your gloriosum from burning sun (morning sun is OK), make sure your soil is somewhat moist and good humidity makes your gloriosum totally happy and growing progressively more beautiful

Basically, for most folks, this gloriosum is a great addition to your houseplant collection.  Bold leaves.  Dramatic colors.  True exotic appearance.  Straight from the deep jungle.  Easy to grow.  Simple to enjoy

You can keep your gloriosum outdoors in your warm months then enjoy the wonderful bold leaf shape and colors indoors all the rest of the year

The Philodendron gloriosum plants we have for you today are just the right size to start growing big and bold at your house.  Here is a picture showing you your plants are already starting to show off their prominent silver-white veins

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Most individual plants have 3-4 leaves and are very perky.  Here's some more pics so you can see the nice quality and size of the gloriosum

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  • rare to see for sale
  • Big Bold leaves to 2 feet high
  • you enjoy indoors or outdoors in zone 10
  • easy to grow
  • enjoy in pots anywhere in the USA

You may order your own Philodendron gloriosum for only $17.50 plus $6.50 shipping and handling or order two and save $$$

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