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Philippine Ground Orchid

Spathoglottis plictata
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Never before available ...Here is a true orchid that grows happily in the ground (not up in trees) and loves full sun (not shade)

This Spathoglottis plictata is the "purple grape" free-flowering orchid that is great in pots, a spicy addition for your landscape, very cool used as a high end permanent flowering ground cover or a focal point ...highly versatile blooms for your bright sun areas

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You will show off and enjoy these true orchids if you provide lots of sun, go easy on water and have well-drained soil ...simple

In return, you get purple free-flowering orchid flowers most months of the year but especially during warm and hot months

When you see Spathoglottis sold in pots, they are expensive ...but the good news is these plants are permanent in zone 10.  Cooler areas may need some protection or keep in pots year around

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   Use in a pot anywhere you have plenty of sun

   Use at the base of trees

   Use against a wall

   Use to break up plantings with an orchid accent

Folks will ask you "WOW, what's that plant?"  and you will respond, "Ohhh, those, ...those are orchids"

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Orchid plants on hand for you today are very nice and large, ready today for your pot or in your landscape, like this one...

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This orchid blooms quickly.  A few now shipping are already showing some flowers

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Rare-to-see, very up-scale, the Spathoglottis plictata is an excellent selection for you.  As they grow, you get more plants by division of clumps you will have more orchids every year

Order several and save $$$

You may have your own purple Spathoglottis plictata @ only $19.50 plus postage and packing ...a good price for these rare-to-see high end flowers

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