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Bridal Bouquet

Plumeria pudica

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This new Plumeria won PLANT OF THE YEAR in back in 2007 at the national TPIE (Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition) held annually here in Fort Lauderdale.  Since then, the P pudica's popularity has become enormous

Why did this plant win the show?

Well, unlike common Plumeria rubra, which is "naked" of foliage half the year and flowers for only about 4 months or so...

Plumeria pudica is virtually evergreen and virtually ever-blooming

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Prolific large clusters of 3-inch flowers are displayed 10 months of year in zone 10 South Florida and almost as long in zone 9.  Plumeria pudica handles temps down to the lower 30's

Leaves are very interesting ...sort of fiddle shaped

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Plumeria pudica is THE BEST Plumeria available...

This is a heavy bloomer and very easy to grow ...not fussy for extreme dry conditions or cold like common P. rubra.  The foliage also avoids common "rust" so often seen on P. rubra leaves

"Bridal Bouquet" Plumeria is also fast growing

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Size can be controlled easily with pruning

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You may hold your Bridal Bouquet at shrub size or let the plant grow to a maximum of approximately 15 feet.  Flower production is best with plenty of sun hours, but afternoon shade is OK too

Hearty, drought tolerant, nearly evergreen, unique and a heavy bloomer with large flowers....this plant is great

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Plumeria pudica is a winner

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