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Plumbago auriculata
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Blue      Blue      Blue

Blue is what you get with Plumbago

A fine blooming shrub that can be kept low or grown to 4-5 if you wish.  Locate in sun or shade, water to establish and you're done

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Very popular in Florida, California, Texas ...Plumbago should be used outdoors in any zone 9 or 10 climate or in pots anywhere'll have a fine ever blooming evergreen perennial quite an exclusive plant

Prune as you wish for shape and height, Plumbago works in so many situations the color's hard to get blue, but Plumbago does color very well, even in a lot of shade

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Most any light sandy is soil is OK.  Drought tolerant after establishment, not fussy for food.  Prune heavily in later winter and be rewarded with profuse ongoing blue flowering spring, summer and fall, and maybe some early winter

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Nice plants (picture below) are available and ready for a new pot at your home or ready for your landscape location.  Get one or 3 or 5 to make a statement and save $$$ quite an exclusive plant

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