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Lady Palm

Rhapis excelsa
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Unsurpassed as world's best indoor palm

It is well known that Lady Palm is the finest true palm houseplant you can own

No other plant in the world has been proven so successful being healthy, happy and vigorous indoors in homes and offices

Especially in lower indoor light and with almost no care from you, Rhapis excelsa is happy and healthy giving owners many years of lush tropical indoor greenery

If you tend to kill indoor plants or have difficult indoor conditions where you would love to have a robust healthy houseplant, Lady Palm is #1 and in a class by itself

Your palm "goes with the flow" as it is widely adaptable to low and moderate light conditions, and amazingly, dry air is no problem either

That means indoors with air conditioning, Lady Palm will not complain .....nor in winter with dry heat  - no problem for this top-of-the-line palm

Lady Palm adapts quickly to a broad range of indoor conditions looking great all year round

How to take care of your Lady Palm:

  • water only when dry and assure good drainage
  • feed moderately occasionally
  • place in low to medium light indoors, or bright light is OK as well
  • keep warm with no drafts
  • enjoy daily

Native to Southern China, Lady Palm grows moderately fast in clumps of thin elegant stems each covered with woven palm fibers (instead of you seeing wood).  This covered appearance can extend the entire length of each stem and is a unique and desirable appearance

The Lady Palm is clump-forming multi-stemmed.  Leaves are palmate and are deeply divided in segments ending in a blunt end, whereas almost all other palms end in pointed tips.  Lady Palm foliage is beautiful  -  very shiny and very green, especially indoors

Even in Florida Lady Palm sells at high prices.  The reason is propagation from seed is difficult and because initial growth in the first two years is slow.  Growers have to charge for their time and labor getting Lady Palm ready for sale at a competitive size after 3 full years of nursery growth

For example, here in Ft. Lauderdale with the lowest Lady Palm prices in the country,   a fluffy 3-gallon Lady Palm retails at about $69.95.  A 7-gallon will run close to $200.  In city markets in the USA, 5-6 year old plants are priced at $300-$500

Instead, we are very proud to offer you healthy happy Lady Palms for a lot less $

These are exceptionally vigorous 2-year-old plants 9-13 inches tall on the main stem and some already have second stems forming right now

You can own your own Lady Palm like this one for only $29.95 including shipping and handling

Outside of Florida, likely no one you know has a Lady Palm houseplant - so you'll have bragging rights as well

As always, full grow and care instructions will be included in your package to insure 100% success for you.  Instructions will also be posted online

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