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Royal Poinciana

Delonix regia
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"Year after year voted one of the top 5
most beautiful trees in the world"

Royal Poinciana is a native of Madagascar and is consistently voted among the top 5 most beautiful flowering trees in the world.  Royal Poinciana deserves its support.  It may be the most colorful flowering tree in the world as well

Other common names for Royal Poinciana include Flamboyant Tree, Flame Tree, Mohur Tree and Red Flame

Royal Poinciana is rated zone 10, but may do well in warm micro-climates in zone 9 and other warmer areas where bodies of water or ocean mitigate cold nights

However, we have a 3-year-old Royal grown from seed in a bonsai pot & the tree is only 7 inches tall.  Using standard bonsai techniques we expect to have blooms next spring

Royal Poinciana is tolerant of some salt drift, not fussy as to soil, has no pests and requires little added food

Another fine feature is Royal Poinciana is deciduous for about 2 months in winter allowing the sun to penetrate in the cold months when the sun is always welcome

In early spring, leaves come back to screen the sun.  In May or June, the voluminous red blooms appear and will typically hold for 4-10 weeks of extremely intense color

Here are some blooms opening, others already red.  After that, the Royal Poinciana fully re-foliates its wide spreading branches with delicate medium green compound leaves.  Your Royal Poinciana is rated to 40 feet but 30 is more common.  Width nearly matches height in a happy tree

As with other flowering trees, cutting off sprinkler water in the final winter months promotes a far better flowering display. The older your Royal Poinciana, the more intensely it will bloom

During hot months your Royal Poinciana's fine loose leaves provide a superb "broken" shade beneath, perfectly suited for any plantings that enjoy shifting light and protection from the hot sun.  Most any plant desiring protection or broken light delights having its home under a Royal Poinciana

You can also attach staghorn ferns, orchids, bromeliads and other air plants to your Royal Poinciana as well

Even southern lawn grasses grow well underneath.  But broken shade allows almost any plant to be happy.  For this reason, we feel growing grass to near the trunk is a waste of an excellent environment, but some folks like the lawn look.  You decide:  lawn or a fine collection of under story plantings

Young, Royal Poinciana tends to grow as wide as tall. However, as it matures, it picks up its drooping branches to create a high umbrella.  Some considered light pruning during the first 2-3 years will help guarantee a better formed tree

Plant as a foundation tree or use three about 20 feet apart in a triangle. The effect will be a huge protected shaded area suitable for almost all plants and people

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