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Society Garlic

Tulbaghia violacea
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You may have seen these flowers and grass-like plant and wondered, "what's that plant?"

You saw Society Garlic

Society Garlic works well in full hot sun and is tough as well.  Spreads via clump growing rhizomes and the plant is perennial.  Looks like chives or garlic chives

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Very suitable for pots anywhere or in your landscape

Use in hot spots, in rock gardens, borders, etc

Handles zones 8 - 10 and some say zone 7

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Can you eat Society Garlic?  We do

It takes like garlic, the leaves

When we need some snipped chives sprinkled on food, using Society Garlic is an easy way to go.  To impress, a few flowers on salad is an easy show off

Use in soups, pot roast, salad ...get creative

For your food enhancements, or for the long-lasting flowers or to use as a tough ground cover in sunny locations, get some Society Garlic started at your home

Flowers do not smell like garlic ...they smell sweet.  By the way, the flowers are fragrant at night

Society Garlic plants on hand are ready to make the change from pot to your home or your container garden.  A few are already starting blooming now

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