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Chalice Vine
Cup of Gold

Solandra guttata
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Cup of Gold / Chalice Vine is a zone 10 tropical bloomer sporting HUGE blooms typically February through May, giving you 4 months of performance.  You enjoy wave after wave of stunning flowers unlike any other vine or shrub seen in the USA

Your Chalice Vine is a woody evergreen perennial sporting very hefty bell-shaped yellow flowers with interior streaks of purple-brown.  The flowers are spectacular long as 10 inches and 4-7 inches wide at the mouth

The vine has large leathery leaves.  The wood likes to run and can travel/grow as much as 200 feet if you like so you can enjoy a massive display.  Support is needed to carry the uninhibited size.  Full sun to light shade is ideal

Landscape ideas:  Plant to arch up the sides and along the trim (below the roof) of your garage, or arch the whole front of your home, or excellent on your sunny fence

As your Chalice Vine grows/ages, flowers will appear along the entire length (branches off your main vine).  With a 100 foot vine, you could have 500 flowers at the same time

You may also train as a shrub or even a small tree.  The sturdy wood allows you to shape as you wish

Tolerant of ordinary soil, Chalice vine handles salt spray and so is an excellent selection for near seaside locations

Solandra guttata is easy.  Water normally until well established, but then simply withhold added water in late winter to produce maximum flowering in volume and bloom quality

Solandra guttata seedling plants on hand for you today are beautiful, sturdy and wanting to be planted at your home now, or in pots anywhere

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