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Staghorn Fern

Platycerium bifurcatum
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"You will be the envy of
all your friends when you show off
your very own Staghorn fern

Staghorn ferns are spectacular plants, but easy to own and enjoy;  they require almost no work, no soil and not much watering

All you have to do is provide a warm bright airy location and your Staghorn fern will perform, growing larger rapidly with almost no care

Indoors, most any home or office with with an airy location with good indirect light can have a fine Staghorn fern to show off

The Staghorns now offered to you are 2-3 years old grown from spores

Although every staghorn fern is unique in shape and growth, your Staghorn in a wire basket will look similar to this upon arrival

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Plants you will get are exceptionally attractive ...fronds are 8-12 inches above the wire basket so you start with a robust, healthy, dramatic specimen from day one

Each Staghorn is very well established and "planted" in sphagnum moss which looks like this

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If you've read our article on air plants, you already know Staghorn ferns do not need or want soil. They grow in the air so you can hang your own Stag or mount it on a board, it's up to you

Staghorn ferns do not develop seeds, but spores. The tips develop attractive brown spore clusters

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.....spores from which your plants were grown.  Some plants we are shipping already have spores now

BONUS:     Many of the Staghorn ferns now shipping already have "pups" growing from around the sides. You can separate these baby stags and start new plants

Once pups reach about this size

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you can transfer pups to a board or a new basket, so one plant becomes many

USA sales only please. First come first served, no reservations as this offer will sell out very quickly.  Here they are...

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Staghorn Fern is offered @ $55.00 plus postage & packing

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One Staghorn Fern in wire basket only $67.50 total with postage and packing included, total

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