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ireworks Flower
(Winter Starburst)

Clerodendrum quadriloculare
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You instantly see why this Clerodendrum is one of our all time favorite plants. These shrubs are like exploding fireworks all over a plant.  Just look at these blooms

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Compound flowers are huge, typically 8-12 inches in diameter. Each Flower is made up of 150-200 smaller 3-4 inch long florets bursting from the center

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Related to Bleeding Heart and Flaming Glory, Fireworks Flower is one of the few spectacular winter bloomers.   Rated for zones 9-10, all it might need in your area is a little frost protection, but will come back from the soil if over exposed

Typically flowers appear starting in January or February which is a very unusual time of year to see this kind of robust flowering performance

In many states, spring is full of flowers, but not winter, which is why every year Winter Starburst will be a treasure for you

You enjoy blooms that carry on continuously for months and so sharp and very colorful; a significant focus of your landscape.  From January through April and sometimes later, no plant competes with Fireworks Flower for blooms

It is a true "Show Stopper" as neighbors and passers-by will marvel at this explosion

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of floral beauty. Our Florida visitors especially like to have their pictures taken standing next to this colorful plant

Leaves are great as well;  green on top, and a strong purple underneath

Fireworks Flower will grow to 12-15 feet in full sun or lots of shade where blooms last even longer than sun exposed plants.  It prefers moist soil but will easily tolerate neglect and lack of irrigation

You will absolutely get excellent bloom performance in either sun or shade

We plant Fireworks Flower as a focal point in both front and back yard landscape designs.  Our mother also keeps three others in pots by her pool

Here's one customer report:

"I wanted to give some feedback on the Fireworks Flower that I bought from your site 2 years ago. It's excellent! Grew to 7 feet in 2 years, and the flowers are spectacular."

Fireworks Flower will grow as either a large shrub or small tree. At my mother's home, she wants to use it as a shrub. So, in late spring we cut off everything leaving only raw wood, about 3-4 feet high having pruned more than 6 feet off the top

You can not harm this plant with pruning

The Fireworks Flower we are offering today are live plants and ready for a new pot or your landscape.  Plants are "busting" to be re-potted in your own container or directly into your landscape.  Plants are well rooted and ready for your home right now

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You may order your own Fireworks Flower live plant for only $17.50 plus postage & packing.  Order several and you save $$$

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