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Tamarindus indica
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World popular is the Tamarind tree originally from Africa (not India).  This fine evergreen does well in dry climates or wet climates if temperatures stay warm, zone 10 or warmest zone 9 are OK

Popular for shade (a fine evergreen with shiny leaves) and shape, but mostly for fruit

Fruits are typically 3 to 8 inches long and form in clusters.  It is the pulp that is harvested (surrounding seeds) and used in various cuisine, drinks and medicine.  The flavor is tart, acid-like but pleasing and refreshing

Flowers are small but very complex & attractive

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In Florida, Texas, California, Mexico as examples, this evergreen grows to about 20-25 feet so fits into many landscape situations and uses

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Tamarind on hand - well, there is only one plant left

This one last plant is extra special because we have been keeping it like may continue or plant out to grow a full sized tree.  The one & only Tamarind on hand is pictured below

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You may order this special bonsai Tamarind as a healthy live plant for only $35.00 with postage & packing included

As always, all instructions will be included in your shipping package

One true Tamarind tree bonsai styled only $35.00 total with postage and packing included

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