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True Tequila Agave
Blue Agave

Agave Tequilana Weber Azul

The oldest distilled hard spirit in all the Americas is Tequila, now popular for over 400 years

Archeologists say the Aztecs cultivated the Blue Agave starting over 9,000 years ago and made a variety of wine or beer from the plant

By law in Mexico, ONLY Agave Tequilana Weber Azul TRUE Blue Agave plants may be used to distill spirits to be labeled Tequila

In recent years the popularity of Tequila has soared beyond all other spirits worldwide.  Now over 700 distilleries in Mexico produce Tequila and they can't grow enough ...Blue Agave plants

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Due to this tremendous popularity, getting TRUE Blue Agave plants has been almost impossible ...but we managed to score a few for you

Blue Agave is a smooth-leafed succulent plant (a cactus type plant with no needles) native to Mexico.  The unique blue cast of the plant leaves gave it its English name

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Tequila is made from the distilled sap from the hearts (piņas) of the Blue Agave plant

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Easy to grow, the Blue Agave plant is rated zone 9-10 but no frost.  Blue Agave wants lots of sun, warmth and little water in good soil. Great enjoyed for a few years in a nice pot then into your landscape for a unique look guaranteed no neighbor of yours will have

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The True Blue Agave plants we have for you today look good and sturdy like this

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Today, you may order your very own rare True Blue Agave as a live plant for only $18.50 plus $6.50 shipping and packing 

As always, complete planting and care instructions will be included in your package

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