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Australian Tree Fern
Cyathea cooperi
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The most dramatic, exotic and tropical looking fern is easily the Australian Tree Fern and it's equally fine relatives

Lacy, statuesque, regal, and robust, this fern is a "must have" plant that makes any area sing the praises of the tropical garden look

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.....or even more incredibly impressive as a phenomenal houseplant in your home

Australian Tree Ferns are very easy in pots, indoors or outside.  Outdoors, zone 9 and 10 are OK, otherwise plan on having yours indoors

Unlike common ferns, the Australian Tree Fern sports a tree-like trunk, but of course, it's not wood.  The trunk is fiber.  The trunk hoists the magnificent fronds up high showing off a crown of multiple lacy fronds

We also love how new fronds unfurl from a tip spiral

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The Australian Tree Fern thrives in lower light.  Outdoors, shade is best.  Indoors, any good window exposure is suitable.  Easy to grow, you'll enjoy your tree fern more and more every year as it matures in stature

Some varieties get very large, but your Australian Tree Fern, although quite sizable, will look more like this as it matures ....before the trunk starts to develop and hoist the top fronds on high

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In years to come, your tree fern will begin to look like tree-like, but actually .......more like a palm.  Here is the famous Caryota gigas palm, for example

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Today you may order exceptionally fine and extremely tall Australian Tree Ferns in 4-inch pots.  Here is grandson Luka showing you the live plants now shipping to you

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As you can see, the ferns have multiple stems and are running 19-24 inches tall now (12-inch white ruler in photo) ...and growing fast

Australian Tree Ferns offered to you here today have never been this fine

You can order a tree fern for your collection and be very proud and happy with this very tropical looking plant

These really big Australian Tree Ferns are offered at only $23.00 plus $6.50 postage and packing

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As always, both indoor and outdoor care instructions will be included in your package


3 Australian Tree Fern live plants, $80.00 total with postage and packing

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