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Mahoe Tricolor
Variegated Sea Hibiscus

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Hibiscus tiliaceus variegata
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In Florida, folks call Variegated Sea Hibiscus 'Mahoe' and some say Variegated Beach Hibiscus ...we like Mahoe

Mahoe can been seen growing near the seaside as well as in mangrove areas.  A fast growing evergreen tree to 20-25 feet or pruned to hold size as a shrub, the Mahoe gives color year around with tricolor leaves as well as flowers

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Flowers are seen starting yellow in the morning and slowly turning orange-red as the day passes, Blooming can be any month with more produced during warm and hot periods

pruned as a shrub
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used as a barrier hedge and small tree
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Drought tolerant and suitable for xeriscaping, water needs are low and soil can be limestone, light muck or sand in the wild.  Rich soil is not needed at all

Mahoe is known as tricolor, but we see many more variations, like these below on one plant, very nice

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You can also enjoy Mahoe colors indoors as a houseplant.  For year around tricolor heart-shaped leaves and its rarity used indoors, you'll have an exclusive houseplant with your own Mahoe to show off

In your landscape, zone 10 climate is for sure, but warm zone 9 may be OK.  Plant in full sun to partial shade, water to establish and you're done with "care"

Mahoe plants now shipping are the first ones ever offered.  Plants are ready ...LARGE and look like this one below

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